Jewellery That Carries Both Meaning And Beauty


From the top of your head, what reasons can you think of for a person to own and wear jewellery? Perhaps it’s because gold and precious stones are expensive and the wearers want everyone to know that they can afford it? Maybe it’s because they see it as a status symbol and going out without jewellery will make it harder for them to stand out of the crowd. Sometimes people also wear jewellery because it’s been given to them by someone dear to them and it carries sentimental value.

Jewellery is indeed expensive and wearing it will definitely get you some attention from the people around you but the truth is that people wear jewellery for a multitude of reasons and not all of them have to do with the fact that jewellery is expensive. When people buy designer jewellery, they aren’t just paying for the precious materials it was crafted from – they’re paying for the craft itself as well.

Some designer jewellery is hand crafted with a lot of love and attention to detail and once you buy such a piece of jewellery from the maker, you’re paying them for the hard work and skill they put into making it. Each piece of designer jewellery is one of a kind and represents some idea or thought that reflects on the wearer and serves to empower them. For example, if you buy a gold earring that has your constellation on it, you’re going to wear it because of what it represents.

In the end, designer jewellery is for those of us who are passionate and have a taste for class. It’s more than just a show of riches – it’s about your personality as well.

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