How to Tell If Eggs Are Still Good to Use


Whenever you are buying eggs at the grocery store, there is actually a way to tell whether they are fresh, and safe to use. However, the thing with buying eggs in a container, or buying them from a local farmer is that there is no proper way to tell if the eggs that you have just bought are safe, or at least fresh enough to use. This can be a problematic situation for many people.

Now the thing is that you can tell that the egg has gone bad as soon as you crack it. However, the crux here is that even an egg that looks fine after it is cracked can have a lot of problems. In a situation like that, you cannot really trust your instincts as it is a matter of health, and putting that on the line does not make much sense.

So, what do we do in a situation like this? Well, the best part is that you can actually tell if the egg is safe to consume without really breaking the shell. How? You may ask. Well, the process is rather simple and requires a simple float test. This method is being used by home cooks for ages and the best part is that you do not need to invest in high technology either. A bowl with water is more than enough to find these things out.

Doing The Float Test

The simplest way to find out whether the eggs are fresh or not is by doing a float test. Eggs that have gone bad will float. That is because as the egg ages, the moisture starts evaporating through the egg, and as that happens, the air bubble inside the eggs expands as well. The simplest way to tell that is by holding the egg close to your ear and shaking it a little. If there is an audible movement inside, you can tell that the egg is not good.

Another way is obviously the float test. Below is how you can tell.

  • Freshest: If you drop the egg in a glass or bowl of water and it lies horizontally, the egg is the freshest it can be
  • Narrow End Tilting Upwards: If you drop the egg in the water, and the narrow end tails upward, that means that the egg is usable, but not as fresh as you might have hoped.
  • Egg Stands Up Right: If the egg does upright, but does so while being at the bottom of the container, the egg is not fresh but it can still be used.
  • If it Floats: If the egg floats, there is no other way but to get rid of it.

These methods work on nearly every egg that you will come across and should be able to help you identify which egg to use whenever you are making something. Let us know if you have some more questions and we’ll surely love to guide you on that.

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