Frozen Pipes: A Common Winter Plumbing Problem


Winters is a difficult month for residents around the world. If we look at it from a plumbing perspective then frozen pipes should be your biggest plumbing problem. If you notice a layer of frost around your pipes, especially in the junction between two pipes then you need to call in a plumber as soon as you can. In case you do not know who to call, then you can visit and see if they can help you.

Frozen pipes tend to happen during the winter months, especially in areas that are afflicted by extremely cold winters. Frozen pipes, when not taken care of properly can lead to a more serious problem, which happens to be burst pipes, and burst pipes can lead to extensive water damage to your infrastructure. So, if you notice a frozen pipe, it is strongly advised that you act fast.

Now, you can find advice on the internet for dealing with frozen pipes, the most common one is using a hairdryer, and unless you have prior experience dealing with frozen pipes on your own, it is recommended to leave it to the experts in this situation. Frozen pipes can be tricky to deal with because you do not just have to deal with the ice on the surface level. There is a pressure fluctuation that occurs when the pipe is being defrosted, and if you are not careful of that, then the sudden change in pressure because of the blockage being released is strong enough to cause the pipe to burst. So, when you are preparing for the colder months, you need to keep the possibility of a frozen pipe happening at some point open and have the number of reliable plumber beforehand so that you know what to do when it does happen.

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