Do Whiteboard Walls Make a Difference?


Whiteboards are very frequently used in classrooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms. It’s usually made out of melamine, a material that doesn’t leave smudges when written on with a non-permanent marker. The board, generally is mounted on the wall. Whiteboards are becoming more popular than their older counterpart, the blackboard.

However, nowadays companies manufacture a type of paint that can transform a smooth surface into a rewritable one. The paint can be used to make a white board wall which can be very useful for a group of individuals to work with.

For starters, this allows people to instantaneously share ideas with the rest of their team. It also encourages them to actively partake in this activity instead of just sitting around while one person writes on the board. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the environment won’t be altered drastically. The paint comes in 2 variations. A white variation and a transparent variation, meaning the seamlessness of it will be impossible to notice. Now, one maybe asking themselves “Why would I go for a paint based whiteboard wall over a conventional board?” Below are a few reasons mentioned:

  • The whiteboard walls are easy to implement.
    • The adaptability of the wall is impeccable. It takes very little effort to prepare the paint and surface for application. The paint is a 2-part mix. The surface needs to be smooth in order to make it rewritable, but first it needs to be primed with a water-based primer.
  • It has no shape or borders, meaning it can be wherever one wants it to be.
    • A conventional white board is available in select colors and dimensions, meaning there are restrictions. A paint based whiteboard, In theory, can be where ever you want.
  • The maintenance of a whiteboard wall is easier compared to that of a board.
    • With a conventional board, one has to makes sure to not leave marks otherwise they can leave a stain or smudge after being wiped. However, in the case of a whiteboard wall pain, they come with a smudge free guarantee meaning, with every wipe, your whiteboard wall will look good as new.
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