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Secrets For The Best First Impression

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Whether you are going for a job interview or a blind date, you surely don’t want to miss a chance to make a good impression.

People are quick to judge and evaluate you when it comes to the first meeting. Making an impression and that too a best one is not a choice but a necessity if you want your acquaintance to remember you in good words.

Here are a few secret tips that will make you stand out in a room full of people and make you successful socially as well as career wise.

Facial Expressions

Give positive facial expressions wherever you go. A content smile won’t harm you and at the same time leave a memorable impression.

Smiling and a positive behavior has proven to attract others towards you because people tend to feel comfortable in a positive environment than a negative one.

Don’t Exaggerate

One of the biggest mistake people do is boasting about their skills and interests.

Telling interesting stories is one thing but exaggerating and constantly talking about yourself might bore the other person and that’s not a good thing for an impression.

Save some conversations for the second meeting and give them some time to know you.

Consider Patience

Incorporate patience in your behavior and don’t stress or overwhelm yourself. Don’t keep interrupting in conversations this is one of the worst practice to observe.

Take your time to find a good moment to insert yourself to give your opinions and statements. This will make the other person think you are respectful towards them.

Interactive Conversations

Find the same ground to land on when it comes to talking. Ask open-ended questions to get to know each other better.

Don’t touch sensitive topics that might make the conversation awkward.

These small tricks might not sound a big deal but they hold a remarkably good place in making a good impression and we all know the first impression is the last impression!

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Surface Area And Its Calculations

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The surface area is the total area that is covered by the surface of an object. In construction, it is referred to as the floor area of a room or place. In match calculations, the surface area often comes up. There are formulas to calculate the surface area of various shapes and objects. There are many 3D shapes that come up in math and their surface area is required.

Surface Area of 3D Shapes

There are a few shapes in which it is quite evident that there is a separate base and other sides. For such shapes, surface is split into lateral surface area and base area. In most instances they are connoted as LS and BS. The base area is the surface area at the bottom of the shape. The lateral surface area ids the surface area of all the sides that are in the shape. The shapes that have to be calculated in this way are pyramid, prism, cylinder or cone. These shapes have an obvious distinction between the abs and the lateral sides. Other shapes such as the cube or box are usually just solved using the basic formula. This is because in this shapes, the base and the sides of the figure are not obvious and thus errors could occur in calculation. In the case of these shapes, separate formulas are used.

The Formulas Used to Calculate Surface Area of Various Figures

The shapes in which the base and the lateral sides are obvious are calculated using different formulas. Like the cylinder’s surface area is calculated using “A = 2πr² + 2πrh”. This is because a cylinder has two bases and hollow sides. There cube is the simples shape and to calculate its area, all the side are just added up.

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Why Ants Aren’t Always Bad

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Whenever someone sees an ant, their next instinct is pretty much always going to involve calling someone to exterminate them. However, before you go to and call someone to come and kill every single ant that is in or around your home, you need to try and understand that ants aren’t always bad. Sometimes they can even be good for you. If you have ants in your soil, they are going to be making this soil better. The tunnels they make to travel around underground does a good job of aerating your soil and making it much more fertile which would allow you to grow much better plants, fruits and vegetables on it all in all.

This means that ants that are outside your home are not really a problem at all, and you shouldn’t waste money on an exterminator if you feel like they are in abundance in that area. In fact, having ants in your yard is a good thing, and it means that your yard is probably going to be a great deal healthier than you would have originally thought all thanks to tiny little critters that you barely notice.

That being said, ants aren’t always going to be a good thing. They are perfectly fine outside the house, but whenever they start to enter the home is when you need to start worrying quite a bit. This is when the time will be right to call the exterminator because of the fact that these ants are probably going to get into all of your food and leave it unfit for human consumption. Some ants can also be dangerous because of the fact that they have poisons in them that will be spread to you if they ever bite you.

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Welcome to Mia’s Pizzas

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Set amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Bethesda’s social urban living, Head Chef & Owner, Melissa Ballinger has created an inviting and casual setting for a meal with family and friends. Made from the freshest ingredients, try one of our appetizers, Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizzas from our wood burning oven, or one of our desserts prepared by our Pastry Chef – Rosie. Take advantage of the outdoor seating on our patio; or have a glass of wine, beer, or sangria at our bar. Welcome to Mia’s Pizzas.

Mia’s Specials

Roasted Cauliflower Gratin with Lardons of Pancetta, Pecorino Cheese, Red Onion & Lemon-Mint Sauce
Fig, Proscuitto & Mascarpone Flatbread with Fresh Arugula, Sea Salt  & Balsamic
Bacon Wrapped Dates  Gorgonzola Cheese Filling, Balsamic Glaze
Watercress and Goat Cheese Salad w/ Roasted Root Vegetables & Apple Cider-Honey Dressing
Baby Kale Salad – Avocado, Artichoke Hearts , Orange Mint Dressing
Grilled Chicken and Penne Pasta with Mixed Mushrooms and Pancetta in a Goat Cheese-Parmesan Cream Sauce
Exotic Mushroom Pizza
Peanut and Salted Caramel Budino – Caramel Pudding, Crushed Peanuts
Hot ToddyYour Choice of Tea, Brandy, Honey and Lemon
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